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> How to Install Ran Online in Windows XP and Win7, Everything you need to know about GG and Direct X
Guest_FM Sachiko Ogasawara_*
post Jun 8 2011, 08:51 AM
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Warning: Until gameplay tests can be conducted to confirm functionality, there are still some installation and gameplay issues with 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Seven, and thus the following information is applicable only to 32-bit versions of Windows.

1.) Make sure that your PC has updated and correct device drivers (especially drivers for the video adapter, sound card/chip, chipset, etc.); do not depend on the stock/OEM drivers provided with your Windows installation, as they may not be optimized for gaming.

If you use a laptop for playing Ran, please use the driver CD that came with your laptop or find the correct drivers at your laptop manufacturer's website.

Video adapter drivers:
nVidia Forceware etc. -- http://www.nvidia.com
ATI Catalyst -- http://www.ati.com
Intel GMA -- http://www.intel.com

2.) Install the following (download them if you don't have them) in this order:

DirectX 9.0c (June 2010)

Windows Installer 3.1

Windows Imaging Component (for Windows XP 32-bit versions) - wic_x86_enu.exe

.Net Framework 4.0 (32-bit)

3.) Reboot your PC to finalize the installation of system components.
4.) Install (download if you don't have it) the latest Ran game client.
5.) Afterwards, you may either update the game first using the autopatcher, or download and install the necessary manual patches.


Enabling Compatibility and Permissions
1.) After installation, right-click on the Ran shortcut on the desktop and select Properties
2.) Find the Compatibility tab and in the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" box select Windows XP (Service Pack 3), and fill the check box; then find the Privilege Level box and select the check box to run the program as Administrator.
3.) Click on Ok or Apply to save settings.

Running the game for the first time...
1.) Double-click on the Ran icon to open the login window. If you have not altered the User Account Control (UAC) settings, there should be a popup asking you if the launcher (ranlauncher.exe) is allowed to make changes to your computer; click on Yes.
2.) Once the launcher window is up and running, and you login using your username and password, a popup will appear telling you to install the e-Games plugin; click on Install.
3.) You should be able to open the game's main launcher.

Watch this thread for further updates on installation info!
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Guest_FM Machiko_*
post Jul 20 2011, 01:57 PM
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Need other places to get DirectX 9.0c?


Some installer CDs for motherboards and video cards may also include DirectX 9.0c.

For those stuck with older versions of DirectX, especially 8.1, 9.0a and (troublesome) 9.0b...

Try to download and use DX Eradicator (dx_erad.zip) to remove the older version of DX before installing DX9.0c. Follow instructions carefully before using it.


Kung paano ma-install ang DirectX 9.0c:
1. Download mo muna dito ang DX package (directx_mar2009_redist.exe):

2. Pagkadownload, buksan ang directx_mar2009_redist.exe. Magtatanong na kung saan i-extract. Enter mo ang C:\temp at select mo ang Ok.

3. Ngayon, punta sa C:\temp (folder na "temp") at hanapin ang DXSETUP.exe. Buksan mo iyon at sundan ang itinuturo ng installer.

  • This is the 'redist' version of DirectX - all files are downloaded in one package (rather than an active download).
  • Instructions: make a system backup or restore point. Double-click on the file once the download has completed. You will be asked where you want to place the extracted files. This is a temporary folder only - you can delete these files once the Direct X 9.0c installation has completed. Now go to that temporary folder. There will be lots of files in there - run DXSETUP.exe and wait for it to complete the installation. Restart you computer if required. Now you can delete the files in the temporary folder. For future use, you can keep the file you downloaded or simply delete it - it doesn't matter.
  • DirectX is a crucial system component. It cannot be uninstalled without reinstalling your operating system (!) or performing a system restore/system recovery.

courtesy of *FM Sachiko Ogasawara*
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Guest_FM Machiko_*
post Jul 20 2011, 06:51 PM
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May sinabi sa akin ng isang computer shop owner na marami siyang nasubukan na antivirus, at mayroong ilan na ayaw talaga sa Gameguard. Ito ang sumusunod:

* Kaspersky:
Kailangan na tanggapin nang permanente ang gagawin ng Gameguard sa PC mo. Pakitingnan ang "Setting Anti-Malware" sa Kaspersky Support: http://support.kaspersky.com/kis2009/av?qid=208279731

Ran and Kapersky

If you have the Proactive Defense enabled in Kaspersky, you may get errors from Kaspersky that a root kit is running and that it is malicious. To add Ran to your trusted zone list, please follow the following steps:

1. Right Click the settings icon in the task bar on your computer, and select "open Kaspersky Anti-Virus"
2. Click on "Protection" on the left hand side.
3. Click on "Trusted Zone" on the right hand side.
4. Select the "Trusted applications" tab from the top.
5. Click on Add.
6. Check all 4 boxes in properties.
7. Click browse and select "Browse..."
8. Navigate to your Ran Online folder and select game.exe
9. Click ok.
10. Repeat Steps 5-9 but choose launcher.exe
11. Click ok.
12. Click ok so all Kaspersky windows have been closed.
13. Try to play Ran Online.

Also, please check this solutions thread (tungkol sa Ranatic na may Kaspersky):
Well..I can start the game...and GameGuard launching..i can see the game loading...BUT as sson as the game loaded, game.exe close by itself and Kaspersky prompt out something strange...it say Game.exe is a hidden object and kaspersky blocked it from hiding.. = ="

Btw i check the system setting in Kaspersky panel and untick Detect Hidden Object and the problem fixed ^^ i can play again..
i hope kaspersky team can do better this year because gameguard is not rootkit or whatever bad stuff. All agree?

Kung hindi pwede, i-off o disable muna ang antivirus protection ng Kaspersky bago maglaro (tingnan sa System Tray sa may ibabang kanan), at i-enable uli kapag tapos na.

* NOD32 -- ito ang kailangan na gawin ng mga NOD32 user:

Switch to interactive mode and adjust your protocol filtering. Be sure to exclude Ran Online (or for that matter, any online game using Gameguard) and Gameguard. To do these follow the steps below.

1. Open the main program window by clicking the ESET icon next to the system clock or by clicking Start -> All Programs -> ESET -> ESET Smart Security.

2. Press the F5 key to display the Advanced Setup window.

3. From the Advanced Setup tree, click Personal Firewall and select Interactive mode. Then click Protocol Filtering.

4. Select the Applications marked as Internet browsers or e-mail clients option.

5. From the Advanced Setup tree, click Antivirus and antispyware -> Web access protection -> HTTP -> Web browsers and make sure that only the applications you want scanned with the Internet filter are selected. Typically only real web browsers (iexplorer.exe, firefox.exe, etc.) will need to be selected. Repeat this step for email clients (outlook.exe, thunderbird.exe, etc.) by clicking POP3 -> Email Clients.

6. Click OK to save your changes.

* AVG 8.5

Para i-exclude ang Gameguard.des at Gamemon.des:
* Pumunta sa Tools > Advanced Settings > PUP Exceptions

* Tapos Add Exception at idagdag ang dalawang file na iyon.


Para i-exclude naman ang dalawang file na iyon mula sa Resident Shield:
excludes in AVG Resident Shield component are available at menu Tools -> Advanced settings -> Resident Shield

For AVG 8.5:
-> Exceptions ... whole folders only could be used

For AVG 9.0:
-> Directory excludes .... folders
-> Excluded files .... files

Ang ilan sa mga antivirus na ginagamit ay kayang bantayan ang inyong computer habang naglalaro:
* AVG Free 8.5
* Avira Antivir (Free)


-Fujitsu Update Navi - (used for Fujitsu Laptops)
-Windows Sidebar (while on XP, NOT VISTA)
-Macro Software/Hardware (Keyboard macro's etc..)
-Zone Alarm Firewall
-Ares Chatroom Server (Chat functionality inside of Ares)
-ESET Smart Security
-Panda Antivirus (see this thread)
-IOLO System Mechanic (System Guard Add-on)
-Threatfire Antivirus
-Emsisoft Mamutu AntiSpyware
-Lahat ng anumang klase ng hardware monitoring software (tulad ng HD Temperature Monitor, Speedfan, atbp.)
-Any program that includes the words : hack , proxy , cheat , etc.
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Guest_FM Machiko_*
post Jul 20 2011, 06:52 PM
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Refer to Official nProtect Gameguard FAQ for solutions:

error (110) — GameMon is already running. Either close GameMon process or reboot and execute again.
Solution 1
Hit ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ to launch Task Manager. Under ‘Processes’, terminate GameMon.des
Solution 2
Restart your computer.

error (115) — Game has been executed multiple times, or GameGuard is already running. Close the game and restart.
Solution 1
Hit ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ to launch Task Manager. Under ‘Processes’, terminate GameMon.des
Solution 2
Restart your computer.

error (112) — Failed to load modules for checking viruses and hacking tools. Possible causes are lack of memory and virus infection.
Solution 1
Disable any security software (e.g. Prevx) temporarily which may be preventing GameGuard from executing.
Solution 2
Scan your computer with an up-to-date virus scanner to remove viruses that may have prevented GameGuard from executing.
Solution 3
Check that your computer meets the Minimum System Requirements

error (114) — Failed to initialize GameMon. Try rebooting or closing possible programs that can cause a collision.
Solution 1
Hit ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ to launch Task Manager. Under ‘Processes’, terminate GameMon.des
Solution 2
Disable any security software (e.g. Prevx) temporarily which may be preventing GameGuard from executing
Solution 3
Restart your computer.

error (124) — GameGuard.des file does not exist or is modified. This can be resolved by installing GameGuard setup file.
error (150) — Setup file for GameGuard does not exist or is corrupted. Download setup file for GameGuard and install at GameGuard folder.
error (153) — GameGuard.des does not exist or is corrupted. Re-install of GameGuard setup file should solve this problem.
Solution 1
Delete ‘GameGuard’ folder in Root:\Program Files\e-Games\Ran Online\
Solution 2
Install GameGuard manual setup file

error (155) — Windows system file is damaged. It is recommended to scan for viruses, and reinstall Internet Explorer or rsabase.dll in the system folder according to Internet Explorer version.
Solution 1
Run System File Checker (SFC)
1. Start> Run> Type in CMD> OK
2. Type in SFC /scannow
Solution 2
Run Windows Checkdisk to check for file system errors which may have corrupted your system files
1. Start> Run> Type in CMD> OK
2. Type in chkdsk /f
Solution 3
Scan your computer with an up-to-date virus scanner to remove viruses that may have damaged your windows system file

error (170) — Failed to execute GameGuard process. Reinstall the GameGuard setup file and try running the game again.
Solution 1
Delete ‘GameGuard’ folder in Root:\Program Files\e-Games\Ran Online\
Solution 2
Install GameGuard manual setup file

error (200) — An illegal program has been detected. Close unnecessary programs and try again.
Solution 1
Hit ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ to launch Task Manager. Terminate any unnecessary or illegal (hacking) programs or processes. If you need help on solving error 200, post a screenshot of your running processes in a new thread.
Solution 2
Scan your computer with an up-to-date virus scanner to remove viruses that may be in the blacklist of nProtect.
Solution 3
Run Windows in Diagnostic Startup
1. Start> Run> Type in msconfig> OK
2. Under ‘General’, select Diagnostic Startup and reboot your computer

error (340) — Failed to download. Network might not be stable currently, Internet or firewall settings might be having some problems.
Solution 1
Ensure that your software/hardware firewall is not blocking GameGuard from accessing its update server

error (350) — Cancel (Abort) button has been clicked while updating. If it is due to the failure of connection, try connecting again or confirm its network status.
Solution 1
Ensure that your software/hardware firewall is not blocking GameGuard from accessing its update server
Solution 2
Install GameGuard manual setup file

error (360) — Update is not successful or GameGuard file is corrupted. Try again in a minute, or check the firewall settings.
Solution 1
Ensure that your software/hardware firewall is not blocking GameGuard from accessing its update server
Solution 2
Delete ‘GameGuard’ folder in Root:\Program Files\e-Games\Ran Online\
Solution 3
Install GameGuard manual setup file

error (380) — Failed to connect to the GameGuard update server. Try connecting again in a while, or check the network connection.
Solution 1
Ensure that your software/hardware firewall is not blocking GameGuard from accessing its update server
Solution 2
Install GameGuard manual setup file

Gameguard Manual Setup File -- FOR RAN ONLINE PH ONLY (RanPH_GG_50.exe):

1.) Download the file from the link above
2.) Once downloaded, double-click on the file to start the installation
3.) Follow all installation instructions. Be sure that your Ran game client has been presently installed.
4.) After installation, try to see if Gameguard is okay by logging onto your Ran game client.
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Guest_FM Machiko_*
post Jul 20 2011, 06:52 PM
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Gameguard Manual Update (RanPH_GG_61.EXE/BETA/5.09MB):

Gameguard Manual Update (RanPH_GG_63.EXE/BETA/19.41MB -- with additional files):

TO ALL: if you are still experiencing Code 380 errors while attempting to login, as a rough fix please delete first the Gameguard folder before logging into the Ran Launcher. The folder is usually located in:

C:\Program Files\e-Games\Ran Online\Gameguard

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Guest_FM Machiko_*
post Jul 20 2011, 06:53 PM
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Q: The game became slower after GameGuard is applied. What do I do?

A: Please check the specification of your PC. If your PC meets the recommended spec, please check the settings of your anti-virus program. If the unnecessary and heavy features such as real-time virus scan, please try to turn it off, minimize the number of features used, and try again. Sometimes, the conflict with anti-virus can occur. If the anti-virus takes up high CPU occupancy, it helps to run the game smoother if you turn off all unnecessary features.

Q: Why do I keep geting disconnected after I shortly connected to the game?
A: Your firewall or router might be preventing your game or nProtect to work properly. Open your firewall settings and allow nProtect GameGuard and the game. Also open the following ports 29000, 29100, and 29200 on your firewall and router. Contact your ISP or refer to manuals if you need assistance.
A2: Your computer might be infected with spyware or a virus. Please follow instructions provided by the link at the bottom.
A3: Another program might be taking up to much resources. Close all background programs on your desktop and the taskmanager if they are not nessicary.
A4: This happens if your loading time is too long. During loading, if the game client does not respond to the server in certain period of time, it automatically disconnects. Generally this occurs if you have a low spec pc and an unsteady internet connection. Verify that you have met the minimum system requirements.

Q: After an nProtect GameGuard check. I get kicked back to the desktop screen?
A: Your current video card driver is not correct or it is not compatible?with the game. Install?the latest drivers for your card along with the latest directx driver.

Q: GameGuard just closed the game with a notification that a hacking tool was found in my system!

A: Not only cheating tools, but also virus or spy-ware can cause the game not to run properly. Please try to scan your PC with up-to-date anti-virus and ad-ware scanners like Ad-Aware. Please follow instructions provided by the link at the bottom.

Q: It says GameGuard failed to update. What do I do? (Error code: 380)
A: If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2, please check the firewall settings to see if GameGuard is allowed to access. Sometimes, the problems disappear by restarting the PC.
A2: It is possible that firewall application such as Norton or AVG might be blocking the access of GameGuard. Please open the specific firewall and check if GameGuard.des is blocked or not.

Q: It takes too long to load the game, and at last, displays Error code 114 and game is closed.
A: There could be a program that might be taking up too much CPU resource. Or, the video driver or sound driver might be out of date. Please scan for any virus and spy-ware that might be taking up system resources, and update all drivers to the most recent versions. Please follow instructions provided by the link at the bottom.
A2: The user might be running an anti-virus software that is too heavy for the particular system(Norton 2005, McAfee, VirusBuster, etc.) Please open the settings of the application, and disable any unnecessary features like internet monitoring, outlook monitoring, script monitoring.

Q: The game would not run, and Error code 100 is displayed.
A: Your computer is infected with a virus. Please update the anti-virus to the latest and scan the PC. Even after scanning, if the error code 100 persists to appear, it might be undetectable virus. Please try with another anti-virus then (Each anti-virus application company offers free scanning.) Please follow instructions provided by the link at the bottom.?

Q: GameGuard is not initiated, and Error code 361 pops up.
A: GameGuard update is not processed well. Please check the internet settings, network, and see if security programs is running or not. Also check if you need to get authorized before connecting to the internet.

Q: GameGuard update has stopped and Error code 350 pops up.
A: Cancel button has been pressed. It could also be a slow update due to insufficient network bandwidth. Or, FTP or HTTP connection might be blocked. Try pressing “Retry” button.

Q: Is XFire compatible with?the game??
A: Yes, you will still be able to run XFire in the background using?some of the features without problem. But with nProtect GameGuard in place, XFire will not pick up you playing Ran Online.

Q: I dont have an firewall/router or any viruses/spyware and my computer meets the minimum requirements. What do I do?
A: Your nProtect GameGuard files might be corrupted or did not download correctly. Please refer to the bottom of the page to find more details on how to reinstall the files.


Erl (*.erl) files are log files that GameGuard creates every time it is executed. You can receive further assitance on problems concerning GameGuard that were not able to be solved through the methods in the FAQ.

Five ERL files ( npgl.erl, npgg.erl, npgmup.erl, npsc.erl, npgm.erl) are created inside the GameGuard folder, located within the game folder, every time the game is executed. Please send us erl files to game2@inca.co.kr, when a problem arises. We will perform a thorough analysis of the Erl files and let you know a solution to the problem.

You may also try to send the ERL files (can also be compressed into a RAR or ZIP file) by attaching them to your Helpdesk ticket and sending in for analysis.

* Please explain in detail the symptoms of the error in your mail.
* In some cases, not all of the five log files may exist. Please send us all of the erl files in the GameGuard folder.

Please read this link for further information on how to find and send the ERL files.
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Guest_FM Machiko_*
post Jul 20 2011, 06:54 PM
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Final Notes:
Some antiviruses detect gameguard.des and gamemon.des as "viruses", which means that such detections are "false positives". Please try to exclude them from either scanning or autoprotection by configuring them (if you don't know, try reading the Help file of your antivirus or refer to their website).

May mga antivirus na dinidetect ang gameguard.des at gamemon.des na "virus" ngunit mga "false positives". Pakisubukan na i-exclude sila mula sa scanning o autoprotection sa pamamagitan ng pag-configure (kung di malaman, pakibasa ang Help file ng inyong antivirus o iresearch sa kanilang website).

***credits to FM Sachiko Ogasawara
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Guest_FM Machiko_*
post Jul 20 2011, 07:02 PM
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Eto po ay para sa mga shop owners na nakakaranas lagi ng game or gameguard file corrupted.

Ito po ay walang solution kahit po mag reinstall kayo, mag download ng lumang game.exe kasi kaya nag karoon ng error na ganto ay dahil yan sa Sality/W32 Virus. Ganto yan kung bkt naapektuhan ang inyong computer ng ganyang virus:

Una sa lahat kapag ang isang computer nyo ay tinamaan ng sality virus na yan,
(diba xempre sa computer shop magkakaconnect lahat ng PC it means na naka LAN)ang mangyayari jan mahahawaan ung ibang PC.

It means na kahit mag reformat kayo pero kung naka connect naman kayo LAN connection o HUB baliwala kasi ang SALITY VIRUS na yan ay walang ginawa kundi maglibot sa buong SYSTEM ng iyong computer, kahit network pinapasok nyan, at take note pag may virus kayong gnyan bumabagal na ang internet connection nyo dahil kung mababasa nyo ung info about jan ay naguupload yan ng TROJAN VIRUS sa internet, may makikita kayong website sa info nyan kung san sya naguupload ng TROJAN VIRUS which is very harmful like SALITY.

Pangalawa kung mag iinstall po kayo o kaya mag rereformat, ang advise ko sa inyo ay dapat may isa kayong hard disk, and then ung hard disk na un, un ang gamitin nyo pangkopya ng games, kapag ito ay nadali ng virus ung hard disk na iyon gnto lng ang gawin nyo, una dapat meron kayong computer sa bahay, then scan nyo ung hard disk nyo dun using AVIRA ESET OR AVG it depends to you bsta nkakadetect ng sality.

Eto alternative para hindi kayo makakuha ng gnyang virus na galing sa pc ng inyong computer shop, sa bahay pa lang magdownload na kayo ng mga GAMES na ilalagay nyo para ang gagamitin nyo na lang ng pang install ay ung hard disk na un which is the clean one, but be sure to check it and clean or scan it with your antivirus. Tapos pag mag reformat kayo, disconnect nyo ung "CONNECTOR" dun sa likod ng PC ung may ilaw na orange and green, disconnection un ung nakalagay sa HUB.

NOTE: Pag mag rereformat po kayo dapat po gawin nyo po maglagay kayo ng partition, it means merong Local Disk C: and Local Disk D:.

Eto na ang simpleng steps na dapat gawin after mag reformat.

Take note: dapat nakadisconnect ang internet or pakitangal ung CONNECTOR sa likod ng PC.

1.) Install the drivers that needs in your computer. (Video card, Motherboard, Sound driver, USB, Webcam, etc.)

2.) Install naman po natin ung games, lahat po ng games dapat ay ilagay natin sa local Disk D:. Dapat po ung destination ng folder nya ay nasa local disk D.

3.) Install antivirus. It depends on you wag lang Kaspersky and Avast, kasi I think madami siyang conflict sa gameguard, I recommend to use WEBROOT kasi may spyware na siya suggestion lng po yan.

and lastly

4.) Install deep freeze, and then make it frozen.

Pano un ung mga games ko mag papatch ulit ng magpapatch kasi naka deep freeze e?

Hindi po siya mag papatch ng magpapatch kasi po ang naka frozen lng po ay ung LOCAL DISK C: it means na hnd babalik ang inyong pinaghirapan na patch kasi nasa Local Disk D: siya. Kaya be sure po na ilagay lahat ang games sa LOCAL DISK D: kasi po ang pinoprotektahan natin sa LOCAL DISK C: is ung system dapat malinis ang system walang virus, kaya nga po magdownload tayo ng antivirus.

Any comments and suggestion are welcome, but please wait for the answer because I'm a student only and im studying, I hope you'll understand me.

Pano po un nasa bahay lang ako wala ako sa shop, pero still nag game or gameguard error pa din.

Reformat po ang solution, then after reformat dapat wag na po kayo mag sasaksak ng USB na may virus baka maging ikasira ng inyong operating system at madamay ang ibang files.

Sana po nakatulong ako sa inyo kahit konti, gusto ko lang naman ishare ang aking knowledge kasi inexperiment ko yan, im also a shop owner gnyan ang ginawa ko, sa bahay ako nag foformat then ilalagay ko na lang ung PC sa shop pag ok na ok na ung PC which means kumpleto na, may games antivirus and deepfreeze na, isasalpak na lang dun.


Ito po ay pede din maging solution sa mga nakakaranas ng error na "Wrong size of input data"

Thanks. Happy e-gaming

ADDENDUM: Reference to Sality removal tools

Kaspersky: http://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/solutions?qid=208279889
AVG (medyo mabagal): http://free.avg.com/us-en/win32-sality
Symantec: http://www.symantec.com/security_response/...-99&tabid=3

***courtesy of TUMALITY
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